Ana Stefan

Ana Stefan Shares Her Favourites In Store

Our Instagram Takeover with Ana Stefan this week was an amazing insight into the life of a yogahub teacher! We luckily got the opportunity to ask her some questions about her yoga teaching journey as well as what she thought about some favourite items from our yogahubstore!

Ana's Review of Favourites in Store

Manduka EKO 5mm Mat

Manduka Eko Mat

I think The Manduka Eco Mat just became my favourite mat (and I have quite a few yoga mats at home). It's heavy (in a good way), thick enough for Pilates and with a fantastic grip for yoga. It passes my “'down dog to lunge test" with flying colours. I love the texture too. Best of all, it's eco-friendly, and made from natural rubber. It does have a strong initial smell, but that fades after a few uses. A great choice for an eco-conscious and reliable mat.



Born Living 365 Water Bottle

I picked the BORN stainless steel bottle because I liked the design and I always forget to bring water with me. What a pleasant surprise to see that it holds hot drinks too and, it does not absorb any odours. Easy to go from morning tea (might try coffee too) to water. Game changer.  365 days without water in plastic, here we come!





Self Love Habit Book

I picked up 'The Self Love Habit' by Fiona Brennan, and it’s a gem for anyone on the path to self-discovery and well-being. The exercises are thought-provoking and reflective, making you pause and consider life from a new perspective. If you're looking for a book that promotes self-acceptance, offers a fresh outlook, and empowers you to embrace self-love, this one's a must-buy. Highly recommended! 




A peek into Ana's Journey

Ana Stefan

1. What's your morning routine/ritual?

I start everyday with a two minute gratitude practice - I simply give thanks for another day being alive and for my body being where it is, how it is in that moment. I do a three minute breathwork and facia stretch while my coffee is ready and get out the door. I am definitely not a morning person, so I get on my mat for Yoga or Pilates usually in the evenings or at the weekends. My reformer Pilates practice is usually before or after I teach a class.  

2. What did your path to becoming a yoga teacher look like?

I had been practicing yoga on and off for 15 years when I decided to do a teacher training. I wanted to know more about what was behind the asana, behind the "shapes" so I signed up for a teacher training in India thinking it would give me some answers. I never actually thought I'd become a teacher, but after teaching my exam class, and, as my students (and colleagues) layed calmly in shavasana, I felt a beam of joy and light take over my entire body... so I knew I had found my calling. I came home and quit my corporate job that year. I became obsessed with how the body works so I did two more yoga teacher trainings, five Pilates trainings and some other pretty awesome movement and breathwork courses. 

3. Favourite Quote or Favourite Piece of advice? 


My philosophy teacher said this and it is still my everyday mantra: "Joy is my true nature and smile is my birth right " 
Meaning, the essence of you (the soul, the self, etc) is pure joy, but with time you forget or unlearn. Life (hardship, suffering) adds a layer of fog on your eyes, so eventually you can't see the real you, the joy. Therefore your yoga practice should become a path for you to clear out that fog and see your true essence, see that you are pure joy. This is a simplistic explanation but I love sharing it.

Want to know more?

Check Out Ana's Podcast 'Another Mindbody Story' HERE

You can find Ana teaching at yogahub Camden for Pilates every Monday Evening at 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Tuesday mornings in yogahub Swords for Reformer Pilates at 7am and 10am and Friday Afternoon for Lunchtime Reformer in Camden. 

Stay in touch and Learn more via her socials HERE


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