Get ready for autumn with our self-care essentials!

Get ready for autumn with our self-care essentials!

As we move from sunnier summer days into cosy Autumn, the shift of seasons is a perfect time to re-evaluate and establish new self-care practices to support you in navigating the colder weather and potentially busier schedules.

We've rounded up some of our top picks in store to help you along, as well as some self care practices to explore!


Treat your Body with Paper & Cloud Magic Body Balm

The perfect bar to give skin a real treat. This nourishing bar is smooth and buttery on your skin, absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling silky soft. Scented with pure essential oil of rose and bergamot to help fight acne, inflammation, dehydration & uneven skin tone.  Buy Here


Keep Moving your Body & Get to Class

Getting enough exercise is important during all seasons but especially as we move into the colder months to prevent Seasonal Affective Disorder. Studies have shown that exercising in a group not only decreases stress levels and increases quality of life more than exercising alone but also enhances the release of the hormones that make you feel happy, keeping SAD at bay!   Book into your Next Class HERE!


Self Love Habit

Transform Fear & Self Doubt into Serenity, Peace and Power

Do you struggle with the seemingly ‘difficult’ parts of yourself that lurk in the shadows, often hidden from the world – frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, anger? The Self-Love Habit is about learning to bring these parts of yourself out from the darkness and into the light. By loving and paying attention to the rejected aspects of ourselves, we give ourselves the power to transform in ways we never thought possible. Buy Here


Create a Cosy Space at Home to de-compress.

As we move into Autumn we spend more time at home, meaning its important to take the time to de-clutter and make the inside of your home a calming refuge. Candles and incense are our favourites for creating a cosy space to relax in. Check Out our Full Range of Candles HERE!


Still Looking for more inspiration to keep the spirits high as we love into Autumn? Check out our full range in store HERE


Wishing you and your loved ones a lovely transition into these colourful but colder months!


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