yogahub Teacher, Lia Lieghio shows us her Faves in Store!

yogahub Teacher, Lia Lieghio shows us her Faves in Store!


Our Instagram Takeover with Lia Lieghio on Monday was was absolutely amazing, we were blown away by her incredible energy! We luckily got the opportunity to ask her some questions about her inspiring yoga teaching journey aswell as what she thought about some favourite items from our yogahubstore!

Lia's Review of Favourites in Store

Manduka GRP Adapt Mat

This is a magic carpet for hot or flow, I don’t want my flow to end once I'm on it. It’s the perfect amount of cushion (5mm). The size is perfect, (I’m 5’8) but the best part is no matter how hot and sweaty you get in a practice, the grip stays. There is a slight smell off it the first few times you use it and it does squeak when moving from certain poses. These were minor for me and worth it for my hands and feet staying put!  



Manduka Go Move Mat Carrier

Colourful and lightweight! If using it with the Manduka grp adapt I advise tightening the strap and keep the 2 loops in the centre of your mat to help keep it in place! I also tried it on my Maduka Pro which has a different texture and it stays.





From Grief to Healing

This book is a really nice  manual style guide to help anyone suffering with grief. It helps you explore your emotions, thoughts, stages of grief and has activities and prompts to help that exploration and healing. Really beautiful and easy to read. 





A peek into Lia's Journey

Lia Lieghio

1. What's your morning routine/ritual?

As much as I try to keep my morning routine consistent it does trail off in different directions a lot of the time. I’m a mother and I work full time in video production and music so my days are quite busy.  I tend to use my mornings as a time of silence and prep for the day. 

I usually wake up between 6 and 7.. Grab a tea,  put on some music and get back in bed, grab my journal or laptop to catch up on myself and how I’m feeling.  I do the school prep, school run, and on my way back I sometimes walk and if I’m not walking I come home practice Yoga and then start my work day. 

2. What did your path to becoming a yoga teacher look like?

I remember after I had my son at 19 I bought a power Yoga dvd! (Laughing at this as I write) For the following 10 years I dipped in and out of 6 week courses in the local gym, I was never consistent but always felt a draw towards it. During lockdown, I started practicing online with yogahub and couldn’t stop. I saw the Teacher training advertised and got in touch with Suzanne. I completed the 10 month course in 2021, got offered a class online, then at Junction 6 Castleknock and here we are :) 

3. Favourite Quote or Favourite Piece of advice? 

I have so many favourites, but when I'm asked I always go back to a motto from Transition year in school.. I relate it to simple things and life in general and it’s just stuck with me since. 

“You only get out of it, what you put in” 

Want to know more?

You can find Lia teaching at yogahub Castleknock for Hot Flow every Monday Evening at 6.15pm and 7.30pm and Saturday Mornings at 10.15am.

Stay in touch and Learn more via her socials HERE

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